Friday, November 26, 2010


Only one more sleep until my big girl ( annabel, 14) arrives home from three weeks student exchange in Thailand. She has had an absolute ball over there, but has suffered fairly badly from homesickness.Before she left i made her this cute little concertina mini album to take with her that she can display next to her bed. There are photos of all of us on the inside. She loved it. Can't wait to have her home tomorrow.


By the way, some of the things i used were.... lots of washi tape, penny black stamp, copics, kindy glitz..

And last but not least, a big congrats to my friend Lorraine, who won this months Copic Oz challenge. You deserve it. Well done.

Bye for now,





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  1. What a lovely idea to send the mini album with Annabel - it is very cute and it really looks like your daughter loved it.