Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I don't like to put personal things on my "creative" blog but sometimes you've just got to bend the rules. We have just returned from 3 days on King Island, a tiny Island approx 25 km wide by 65 km long in the middle of the Bass Strait (ie. between mainland Australia and Tasmania) We flew over in a TINY plane but it was definitely worth the extreme motion sickness to be reunited with annabel for a few days.

There were only a few set times for us to spend together and these included four hours saturday afternoon spent together. We travelled around the island taking in a few sights together including the Currie township, Cape Wickham Lighthouse, King Island Dairy, and Martha Lavinia beach. We were invited back to the campus Saturday evening for dinner, cooked by Annabel and her 6 housemates. They did a wonderful job.

Sunday's activities included an aquathon where all the students swam 480m then ran 2.4km i think. Following this, the students helped run the annual Grassy Wintermarket that they had baked all day Friday for. Once again they did a fabulous job and we were so proud of our beautiful girl, and all that she has achieved while on King Island.

Here are just a couple of pics.


I promise i will be back with a card tomorrow. (or maybe even earlier)

Tracey XO

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