Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, Hi there,

I thought post # 2 really needed a photo, so i have been busy taking pics of my latest creations. The only prob is, hubby has decided that apple macs really are the way to go when it comes to computers, and a totally new system to learn really doesn't go down too well with my computer/technology phobia. So i'll give it a try....wish me luck! Now all i need to do is actually find the photos on the computer somewhere and somehow get them here....hmmmmm.


IMG_8018a, here it is. i think i started trying at about 10 am and here it is many many hours later, but i did figure it out almost all by myself, of which i am rather proud. Not sure what it will actually look like posted so maybe i'd better post this just to check. Then if all's good i will definitely post again shortly. I think i'll need DH's help though to get the links working. He's rather a computer whiz....maybe i could get him to teach me?

Bye for now


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