Thursday, February 24, 2011


Todays post shows my 4th layout from last weekends retreat. It also shows what a nice photo my new camera takes. DH bought me a new Canon EOS 5D Mark 2! Lucky, lucky me. I knew it was nice, but didn't realise just how fancy it was until i started a photography course on Tues and the teacher kept referring to it as a professional camera! I actually didnt have to alter it at all in photoshop, compared to the 3 previous posts, which i did have to alter, and they still don't look anywhere near as good.

So, i used the new MME paper pad for this, which i think worked really well, and of course a few of my favorite little hand rolled flowers.


I just realised that i was going to get daisy to sign her name on that little tag down the bottom. Must remember to do that. 

Thanks for looking,


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