Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, its official. I am in love.......with my new air compressor! Yes, that's right. It enables you to use your copics with an airbrush. I bought it back in January but had been too scared to use it until now. Having used it now, i think i want to use it on every single image i color from here on.

I really shouldn't show before the end of the month, but i am too excited to wait. So here's a sneak peek of my March ATC's. The theme is flowers and the blue edges are done with the airbrush.


Thanks for looking,



  1. What a terrific job you've done with the air brush Tracey. Oh oh your ATC is finished and beautiful. Mine isn't started yet. :(

  2. LOL Lorraine. You've still got over a week to go! Don't stress.I still need to come up with an idea for Harriet's ATC's too!

  3. What a sweet little sentiment on your ATC ! I LOVE it and think you did did a great job with you ABS!!
    I also own the ABS and LOVE it too, especially with the Compressor!!